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> Subject: Monitoring Media Art Preservation 2008-1
> Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 15:01:55 +0100
> From: Netherlands Media Art Institute <preservation  nimk.nl>
> Since January 2005 the Netherlands Institute for Media Art (NIMk) 
> publishes new media art preservation research, events, publications  
> and presentations as an online newsletter. As a tribute to Video  
> Art e-monitor this online newsletter is called Monitoring Media Art  
> Preservation. Monitoring Media Art Preservation offers information  
> and news about ongoing research, presentations and publications  
> dealing with video- and media art preservation 4 times a year. The  
> newsletter is in English only.
> Subscribe/ Unsubscribe  
> <mailto:preservation  nimk.nl>preservation  nimk.nl
> Editor: Gaby Wijers <mailto:gaby  nimk.nl>gaby  nimk.nl
> The Netherlands Media Art Institute a series of presentations and  
> discussions on the theme emulation of media art installations began  
> 18 December 2007. For the next 2 years emulation, re enactment and  
> virtualisation of media art will be discussed every 4 months based  
> on a series of case studies. Gaby Wijers invites researchers and  
> artists to submit cases / projects related to the NIMk collection  
> for presentations from a conservation perspective. The next  
> presentation 13 May 2008. The presentations will be streamed live  
> streamed. The results will be published.
> <mailto:gaby  nimk.nl> gaby  nimk.nl
> 25 and 26 April 2008, Luzern
> In the scope of the exhibition “Schweizer Videokunst der 70er und  
> 80er Jahre. Eine Rekonstruktion" in the Kunstmuseum Luzern,  
> ActiveArchive will present their art technological research. The  
> Symposium will focus on mediation and discussing ActiveArchives  
> approach; the authentic form of presentation with authentic  
> apparatus, versus the migration and emulation of media art works.  
> Case studies from the exhibition next to a lab setting were  
> different versions of the art work are presented next to each  
> other, will be present. Questions concerning how to document video  
> installations and boundaries of the re installation of historical  
> equipment will be discussed. The Symposium will be in German  
> language only.
> <http://www.kunstmuseumluzern.ch>www.kunstmuseumluzern.ch
> The TAPE project has issued an overview of audio and video carriers  
> by Dietrich Schüller of the Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of  
> Sciences. The text systematically describes recording principles,  
> storage and handling, maintenance of equipment, format and  
> equipment obsolescence, for each type of carrier, and includes a  
> list of recommended reading. It provides a solid, non-technical  
> introduction for all those professionally managing sound and video  
> collections. pdf The overview is a full text version of  
> presentations used in TAPE workshops by Dietrich Schüller and  
> Albrecht Haefner. It is available at
> <http://www.tape-online.net/docs/ 
> audio_and_video_carriers.pdf>http://www.tape-online.net/docs/ 
> audio_and_video_carriers.pdf
> imai - inter media art institute initiated the research-project  
> "Materialised Fleetingness. Conservation and Re-enactment of New  
> Media Art Installations". The project aims to deliver guidelines  
> for the conservation of New Media Art installations that will be  
> interesting for art historians, curators, conservators/restorers  
> and collectors. The results will be presented at a conference and  
> in a publication.
> Further information: <http://www.imaionline.de>www.imaionline.de
> With the advent of digital technology the nature of moving image  
> production, distribution and exhibition has changed dramatically.  
> This technology is also changing the way in which we analyse and  
> document current and historical moving image practices, as there  
> has been a recent proliferation of digital archive and database  
> projects relating to film, video and television practices. The  
> Future Histories of the Moving Image Research Network has been set  
> up to examine the changing ways in which we are circulating and  
> interrogating all areas of our moving image culture and to address  
> the issues of sustainability and historiography arising from the  
> growing number of moving image arts database and digitised  
> collection projects in the UK. The project is led by Julia Knight  
> (University of Sunderland) in collaboration with the British  
> Artists' Film and Video Study Collection (University of the Arts  
> London) and REWIND: Artists' Video in the 1970s & 1980s (Dundee  
> University). Information regarding the conference Future Histories  
> of the Moving Image Conference : An international conference held  
> at the University of Sunderland 16-18 November 2007 is available on  
> the conference blog.
> Further details of the conference proceedings and results on  
> <http://www.futurehistories.net/>http://www.futurehistories.net/
> GAMA: A central online portal to Media Art in Europe
> Gateway to Archives of Media Art approved by EC eContentplus  
> programme GAMAs objective is to establish a professionally  
> coordinated central online access to Europe's most important  
> digital archives and libraries regarding media art and thus  
> significantly enhance not only access but above all exploitation of  
> the material gathered by expert institutions. The challenge is met  
> by a well balanced team of art historians and theorists to  
> safeguard the integrity of the approach to the artworks, Cultural  
> agents provide not only content but above all their yearlong  
> expertise at the interface between artists, collectors, curators  
> and the interested public. Technological research and IT experts  
> will implement state-of-the-art technology to ensure both a high  
> level of user-friendliness and a sophisticated query performance.
> <http://www.gama-gateway.eu>http://www.gama-gateway.eu/
> Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst /
> Netherlands Media Art Institute
> Keizersgracht 264,
> NL-1016 EV Amsterdam,
> t: +31-20-6237101
> e: info  nimk.nl
> http://www.nimk.nl
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