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Quarta-Feira, 26 de Março de 2008 - 16:10:04 WET


Quinta-feira,  27 de Março, 22h |  Século | Lisboa
"This is ... Sirr":
performances com  john grzinich, paulo raposo, andré gonçalves,  
carlos santos, j.castro pinto.
e lançamento do disco de Janek Schaefer "Alone at Last".

Janek Schaefer
alone at last | cd sirr 0031

Alone at last' is a studio album, written over the first decade of  
Janek's career as a composer, sound artist, and musician. Each piece  
is a response to an invitation. The source sounds are produced using  
location recordings and manipulated vinyl, which are simply processed  
through his collection of foot pedals & mixing desk, and then  
assembled on screen. Anamnesis - refers to the ability of sound to  
trigger mental images in our minds eye. Each new image is unique to  
each of us - and they are all uniquely framed within the evocative  
The CD is housed in an elegant 100% black jewelcase with an 8 page  
black & white booklet of Janek's photography.

Janek was born in England to Polish and Canadian parents in 1970.  
While studying architecture at the Royal College of Art [RCA annual  
prize], he recorded the fragmented noises of a sound activated  
dictaphone travelling overnight through the Post Office. That work,  
titled 'Recorded Delivery' [1995] was made for the 'Self Storage'  
exhibition [Time Out critics choice] with one time postman Brian Eno  
and Artangel. Since then the multiple aspects of sound became his  
focus, resulting in many releases, installations, soundtracks for  
exhibitions, and concerts using his self built/invented record  
players with electroacoutisc collage. The 'Tri-phonic  
Turntable' [1997] is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the  
'World's Most Versatile Record Player'. He has performed, lectured  
and exhibited widely throughout Europe [Sonar, Tate Modern, ICA], USA/ 
Canada, [The Walker, XI, Mutek, Princeton], Japan, and Australia  
[Sydney Opera House].

Listen at: http://www.last.fm/music/Janek+Schaefer/Alone+at+last

more info at:

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