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Segunda-Feira, 23 de Junho de 2008 - 15:48:17 WEST


Olá a todos

Ao que parece, os nossos amigos da 'Variant' de Glasgow, com os quais  
já colaborámos noutras alturas, encontram-se no centro de uma  
polémica sobre a entrega a privados de estruturas públicas ligadas à  
área cultura. Tudo terá começado com um artigo publicado na Variant  
Reenvio a mensagem para lista não apenas devido à simpatia que temos  
pelo trabalho da Variant mas também porque este é um tema bem actual  
em muitos outros locais...



> From: Variant <variantmag  btinternet.com>
> Date: 16 June 2008 22:43:49 BDT
> Subject: CSG ban Variant from Tramway
> The arts & culture magazine 'Variant' has been banned from Tramway,  
> a key cultural venue in Glasgow "that promotes public  
> participation, education and debate, placing the building at the  
> heart of local, national and international concerns, issues and  
> innovation."
> It has been brought to Variant's attention that Culture and Sport  
> Glasgow (CSG), the private company set up to take over the running  
> of culture and sport from Glasgow City Council, has issued an order  
> banning Variant magazine from Tramway.
> The Summer issue of Variant features an article about the  
> controversial creation of Culture and Sport Glasgow, which is based  
> on an academic study undertaken by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt at the  
> University of Strathclyde.
> Despite having been contacted earlier this year to input into the  
> research for this article, James Doherty -- Media Manager of  
> Culture and Sport Glasgow, and President of the National Union of  
> Journalists (NUJ) -- on publication threatened legal action over  
> its content, and has since reneged on responding to Variant’s  
> invitation to identify and correct any substantial inaccuracies he  
> alleged existed.
> Instead, Variant has learnt that Charles Bell, CSG Arts Development  
> Manager, has issued an order to deprive readers visiting Tramway of  
> access to the magazine.
> Doherty's immediate recourse to legal threats and the ensuing  
> attempts at censorship represent an obvious conflict of interest  
> with his role in the NUJ to uphold and defend the principles of  
> media freedom, the right of freedom of expression, and the right of  
> the public to be informed.
> Ironically, Charles Bell was a key speaker at today’s conference  
> 'Raising the Art of Conversation', billed as "a chance to discuss  
> policy issues affecting the cultural sector".
> The article they don't want you to read is:
> The New Bohemia
> by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt
> Variant issue 32, Summer 2008
> Text version: http://www.variant.org.uk/32texts/CSG.html
> PDF version: http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue32/Variant32RGN.pdf
> PDF of CSG structure diagram: http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/ 
> issue32/csg_diagram.pdf
> And you might also be interested in reading:
> 'Public / Private Partnership: What crisis of legitimacy?'
> by Leigh French
> Public Art Resource+Research Scotland (PAR+RS)
> http://www.publicartscotland.com/features/5-Public-Private- 
> Partnership-What-crisis-of-legitimacy-
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