[ARENA] Fw: TYPE PROJECT Magazine call for works

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Segunda-Feira, 16 de Junho de 2008 - 12:47:03 WEST

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 20:41:16 +0900
From: "Vincent Schipper" <vincent.schipper  gmail.com>
Subject:  TYPE PROJECT Magazine call for works

Hello Everyone,

I am starting an Internet magazine with its main bases in New York,
London, and Tokyo. Though still in the development stages we are
looking for people that are willing to help out and/or submit works
for the magazine.

In brief, Type Project is a global (and at the same time not
"international") culture magazine which hopes to explore "potential"
through the medium of the "magazine". Rather than aim to show
something to a readership as being "the case" or "how it is" Type
Project hopes to demonstrate "potential" through the constant and
inevitable shifting of perspective. By demonstrating the idea of
"potential" through the use of a more-often-than-not directive medium
we hope to call into question the idea of "information".

As we are hoping to approach each issue differently, each installment
will be separated through a general theme. At present we are working
on four issues and as such are accepting works for these issues
(listed in order and by theme): CONTRADICTIONS, INTERIOR/EXTERIOR,

As this is a small project with no sponsors, and we are hoping to keep
it that way, to get it to a large enough audience we are relying
heavily upon individuals to volunteer their time and works to make
this magazine a success (not necessarily economically, but a success
in that it reaches its goal in demonstrating potentiality). Those who
wish to become involved in this project or those wishing to submit
works please e-mail us at:

pilot.type.magazine  gmail.com


Vincent Schipper

Editor in Chief, Director

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