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call: residencies schloss solitude, stuttgart

International Residency Program Akademie Schloss Solitude

info: http://www.akademie-solitude.de

For the twelfth time in 18 years the international residency program  
Akademie Schloss Solitude - located in Stuttgart, Germany - is  
granting approx. 65 residency fellowships of three to twelve months in  
duration. From 2009 to 2011 a total funding amount of 1.36 millions  
will be distributed: 860.000 Euro for grants and appr. 500.000 Euro  
for projects.

A public foundation opened in 1990 and funded by the State of Baden- 
Wurttemberg, the Akademie Schloss Solitude operates an international  
residency program awarding live/work fellowships to artists. Hundreds  
of artists from over 75 countries have developed and advanced projects  
at the Akademie since its opening, creating a close-knit, global  
network of Solitude alumni that expands from year to year.

International artists are invited to apply from the following  
disciplines: Architecture (architecture design, urban studies,  
landscape design), Visual Arts (including performance art and  
curatorial practice), Performing Arts (stage design, directing,  
dramaturgy, playwriting, dance, acting, musical theater, performance),  
Design (visual communication, fashion, costume, product or furniture  
design), Literature (theory/criticism, essay, poetry, fiction,  
translation), Music/Sound (sound installation, sound and music  
composition, sound and music performance) and Video/Film/New Media  
(including video installation).

For the second time, the application round also offers the possibility  
to apply for a residency fellowship in the art, science & business  
program. Scholars, scientists and professionals from the disciplines  
of the Humanities, the Natural Sciences and Economics are invited to  

Persons up to 35 or who have completed a university or college degree  
within the past five years are welcome to apply. Currently enrolled  
university or college students (at the time of application) will not  
be considered for selection. Each fellowship recipient is granted Euro  
1.000 per month, in addition to free lodging. The independent jury  
consists of a jury chairperson and specialist jurors who independently  
allocate the fellowships for their respective disciplines.

The jurors for the twelfth application round are: Beatriz Colomina,  
Princeton/USA (Architecture), Dan Graham, New York/USA (Visual Arts),  
Christoph Schlingensief, Berlin/Germany (Performing Arts), Yves Béhar,  
San Francisco/USA (Design), Mircea Cartarescu, Bucharest/Romania  
(Literature), Lucia Ronchetti, Rome/Italy (Music/Sound) and Sarah  
Morris, New York/USA (Video/Film/New Media). For the art, science &  
business program: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford/USA (Humanities),  
Vadim Bolshakov, Boston/USA (Natural Sciences) and Caroline  
Gerschlager, Vienna/Austria (Economics).

Application deadline is October 31, 2008 (Postmark). As of July 1,  
application forms can be downloaded from the application website <http://application.akademie-solitude.de 

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