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Terça-Feira, 22 de Julho de 2008 - 19:15:47 WEST

As part of part-ilha Carla Cruz will perform a new instalment of her  
project Toxin du Jour. The artist will undertake a series of actions  
in Bristol city centre from Tuesday 22 July to Saturday 26 July.  
These will take place at 1pm each day at five different locations,  
please see below for dates and locations. On Saturday 26 July,  
beginning at College Green, Cruz will give a tour of all five of the  
talking CCTV cameras and a talk on surveillance.

In a work that comments on the nature of surveillance and its affect  
on social interaction and behaviour Cruz will embark on a week-long  
dialogue with the 'talking' CCTV cameras that are currently on trial  
in Bristol. Follow this link to Carla Cruz's blog tracking the  
development of this work http://toxindujour.blogspot.com/.

Tuesday 22nd, Corn Street, 'on mores', 1pm
Wednesday 23rd, Nelson Street, 'on snooping', 1pm
Thursday 24th, Corner of Baldwin St & Centre Promonade, 'on  
surveillance', 1pm
Friday 25th, St Augustine's Parade, 'on sousveillance', 1pm
Saturday 26th, Collage Green, Surveillance Tour, 1pm



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