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Terça-Feira, 15 de Julho de 2008 - 13:09:11 WEST

Become a Reviewer for Furtherfield.org


Furtherfield receives regular submissions inviting us to feature and  
review artworks and projects from artists and artist groups from all  
over the world. We have an excellent team of reviewers working with  
us. Yet, because we are receiving more innovative and high quality  
artworks for review than we ever have before, it is not easy keeping  
up with the workload. So, we need more reviewers.

We are interested in writers who understand and know about (new)  
media art, net art, software art, social networks, live networked  
art, live Internet tv, opensource, tactical media, art blogs, net  
films, media art connected- self institutions, psychogeography,  
hacktivism, video game culture, activist games, as well as  
publictions/books, events, projects, exhibitions online and in  
physical space, and related conferences. And like us, are  
passionately and critically engaged in investigating the constant  
shifts and reinvention of the creative, digitally related vista as we  
know it.

We welcome contributions from all kinds of writers - and are always  
interested bi-lingual reviewers who are able to introduce/translate  
work created by artists in non-English-speaking cultures. We also  
want reviewers who are writing about 'media art and ecology' and the  
contemporary ideas and work coming out of this emergent genre.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer at Furtherfield and wish  
to know more and how to join the crew, please contact marc garrett -  
marc.garrett  furtherfield.org

Note: Please do not apply unless you are sure that you are definitely  


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