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Sábado, 5 de Julho de 2008 - 11:50:59 WEST

""SOUND OF SPACES"" radio broadcast

Fridays : 20.30h - 21:00 PM /
// Lisbon  // Portugal

online streaming: http://www.radiozero.pt/ouvir/
Podcasts: feed://podcast.radiozero.pt/soundofspace.xml

""Sound of Space"" is a program focused in presenting and documenting  
site-specific and environmental works, compositions and installations  
which are inextricably linked with a personal reflection on the idea  
of space. Each program, features a  particular sound artist or project  
that explores ways to experiment, disrupt and reconfigure space.

this week:

Interview with the french sound artist Thomas Tilly.
Listen to extracts from several recent works, including Elaeis  
Guineensis - recordings for this work have been carried out during a  
two month trip through three regions of Guinea.Inspired by nature and  
animist rites,it’s a non documentary vision of a land,propelled by the  
loss of social and cultural reference points.

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""Sound of Space"" is a radio show conducted by paulo raposo.

Please forward your submissions and proposals to:

Paulo Raposo
Sound of Space
Rua Cidade Nova Lisboa 220 5A
1800 Lisboa

sirrpauloraposo  gmail.com

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