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Segunda-Feira, 25 de Fevereiro de 2008 - 16:03:17 WET

Façam circular, por favor.

Please circulate to colleagues, students and relevant lists.

Computational Aesthetics 2008 == Call for Artworks and Performances
June 18-20, 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

Keynote Speakers: Pat Hanrahan, Stanford, CA and Ernest Edmonds, UT  

You are invited to participate in the fourth annual workshop on
Computational Aesthetics that will take place at the Hotel
Riviera in Lisbon, Portugal from 18-20 June 2008.

Computational Aesthetics bridges the analytic and synthetic and
integrates aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology,
and the fine & performing arts.  In particular it focuses on the
mathematical and information theoretic aspects of both
connectionist and symbol processing methods by humans and

Computational Aesthetics seeks to facilitate both the analysis
and the augmentation of creative behaviour.  It investigates the
creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the
fine and applied arts and furthers our understanding of aesthetic
evaluation, perception and meaning.  Invited talks will be given
by individuals involved in the technical, artistic and
theoretical aspects of this young field to help participants to
better understand what aesthetics is, what computer technology is
currently capable of delivering, and to appreciate what is
involved in the creative process.

Call for Artworks, Performances and Artist's Presentations

Members of the fine and performing arts community are invited to
submit work and presentations about their work for consideration
for the final program.  Please note that full papers must be
received by the earlier deadline of 15 March 2008 (see website
for the cfp).  The program organisers can provide some basic
computer systems and data-projectors to support artist's
contributions however installations and performances that require
additional support (or special technology) must include details
of how the submitter will provide, install and support the work.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Arts Program international
committee and accepted works will be included in a catalogue
section of the conference proceedings which will be published by
Eurographics and also appear in the Eurographics and ACM Digital

Please send proposals including:  descriptive overview (proposed
catalogue entry) half page A4; images; sound samples; video;
time-based works; technical specification; artist's
resume/biography and artist's statement to the online portal
below by the deadline of 15 April. Any work that requires a
non-standard facility (codec, plug-in, etc...) must detail this
and give a location where this may be sourced. Submissions should
compose a pdf file as the descriptive overview (proposed
catalogue entry) and be accompanied by a single zip archive
containing all other files -or- the pdf should have links to

Submit via:       http://www.computational-aesthetics.org/2008/ >  
Arts Program

Important dates:
15 April 2008     Submission deadline - Arts Program
29 April 2008     Notification and catalogue draft - to you
2 May 2008        Approval of catalogue draft - from you
18-20 June 2008   Conference

Conference Chairs:   Joaquim Jorge, INESC-ID, Portugal / Bruce Gooch,  
Univ. Victoria, Canada

Program Chairs:	
Technical Program:   Douglas Cunningham, Univ. of Tübingen, Germany
                      Victoria Interrante, Univ. of Minnesota, USA
Arts Program:        Paul Brown, Univ. Sussex, UK
                      Jon McCormack, Monash Univ., Australia
Local Arts Program:  Adérito Marcos, Univ Minho, Portugal

Publicity Chair:     Tobias Isenberg, Univ. of Groningen, The  

Website:             http://www.computational-aesthetics.org/2008/

Further information: Paul Brown - paul  paul-brown.com - Arts Program  
only please!

Paul Brown - based in OZ Dec 07 - Apr 08
mailto:paul  paul-brown.com == http://www.paul-brown.com
OZ Landline +61 (0)7 5443 3491 == USA fax +1 309 216 9900
OZ Mobile +61 (0)419 72 74 85 == Skype paul-g-brown
Visiting Professor - Sussex University

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