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2008 Man With A Movie Camera Call For Participation

Upcoming screenings
Las Palmas International Film Festival Canary Islands February 29 -  
March 8
Sheffield UK Railroad Station (March 18 -23)
Joyce Yahouda Gallery Montreal March 29 - April 26.
Many more dates in the works!  Your website is linked to this site  
when you upload

Needed now: shots of people watching events - click shots by tag, people
		    shots of hands working - scene 29
		    athletes performing - scene 38
		    mud bath - scene 39
		    man, woman with a movie camera footage , see shots by tag MWAMC
		    browse the scene index or shots by tags for more

2008: Man With a Movie Camera is a participatory global remake of  
Vertov's 1929
film (Man With A Movie Camera) using the web to archive and   
sequence  submissions.

The website (listed below) has a scene index and every shot of
Vertov's film is logged, with an intro to the project. The scene
index and shot list are there for reference : this doesn't have to be
a copy, it can be a 21st century version inspired by the original.

The site now contains info on previous screenings, photos, trailer,  
the remake.

Uploads are continuous. As this is database cinema no two screenings  
will be alike. Duplicate shots will rotate through the screenings,  
the first upload becomes part of the first version of the film, the  
second upload, second version etc. Right now it would be great to get  
uploads for shots that haven't been done. You can tell by clicking on  
the shot that interests you.

How to Participate

There is a shot list for every shot in the film and a tag list which  
allows you to input content by theme. For example if you have a lot  
of footage of people, on the intro page click on shots by tag and  
look for people.  Each shot has a specific length. To preserve the  
rhythm of the original film we ask that you submit shots close to the  
length of the original. The software will adjust your submission so  
that it syncs (in length) with the Vertov shot.

When you click upload, instructions will appear to help you through  
the process. There is an email contact if you have questions.

Upload now! Please forward!


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