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From: "BEYOND MEDIA" <info  beyondmedia.it>
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We are happy to announce the call for video entries for the new  
edition of BEYOND MEDIA <http:// 
www.beyondmedia.it>www.beyondmedia.it, international festival of  
architecture and media. The event, devoted to the most advanced  
visualizations in architecture and to the debate on the relationships  
between the project and the means of its communication, will take  
place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy, July 9-17, 2009.

Organized by Image <http://www.image-web.org/>www.image-web.org, and  
curated by Marco Brizzi, BEYOND MEDIA has been constantly observing,  
since 1997, the development of the systems of communication in the  
field of architecture by evaluating their impact on contemporary  
architectural production and by promoting their understanding and  
enhancing their quality. The festival offers its visitors an  
articulate and rich program of events. The screening of the videos  
which are selected internationally complement an intense calendar of  
conferences and workshops with the protagonists of the international  
debate and of architecture exhibitions which elaborate on the theme  
of the festival.

The theme for the forthcoming edition of BEYOND MEDIA is VISIONS.

It seems as if contemporary architecture lost, in the last years, its  
ability to pursue broad visions, to collect with a wide outlook the  
complex transformations of the built environment, to lead its  
thoughts and consciousness beyond that which is usual, empirical, and  
visible. The massive production and consumption of architectural  
images resulted in a greater vicinity, on the part of the general  
public, to design issues. But, at the same time, they produced an  
alteration in the way people conceive architecture, and affected the  
ability and the opportunity for architects to generate visions, and  
hence theories, which are deeply rooted in our times but, at the same  
time, are receptive towards new possible scenarios.

We are looking for people with an architectural vision. A really new  
and effective one! As we check the architects' sight, the event will  
welcome crazy, mad, or mystic people, philosophers, politicians,  
opticians who will present their personal visions.

We are expecting to present videos and authors that are able to  
demonstrate how much we are lacking visions, nowadays, despite the  
apparent proliferation of innovative concepts and images. We are  
concerned by the fact that most of these images are pure expressions  
our own times. Not enough about our future.

Deadline for video submissions is January 31, 2009.

The call for entries is posted on the official BEYOND MEDIA website  

With kind regards,


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via Venti Settembre 84, 50129 Firenze, ITALY
tel: +39 055 4684 187, fax: +39 055 4624 808
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